Uğur Soğutma

Ugur, Keeps The Taste Of Life

Ugur Sogutma INC. set out on its journey in 18 April 1954 in Nazilli, Aydın with ice cream machines production and produced Turkeys first deep freezer in 1986. Today, the company continues to serve at its main factory with 220.000 m² of industrious indoor area, Nazilli Organized Industry Area factory with 91.000 m² indoor area, a total of 2000 employees at more than 850 sales locations and nearly 240 Uğur Authorized Service Centers in 5 continents and 142 countries, experience of more than half a century and is still the leading company of the sector.

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Uğur Motorlu Araçlar

Do You Want To Get Out Of Your Town´s Crowd?

UMA contained within Ugur Corporate Group (Ugur Motor Vehicles INC.) started its activities in the motorcycle sector in 2004 with its registered and locomotive brand "Mondial" and continues to grow in the sector day by day without compromising its quality. In 2006, UMA took the "ISO 9001 Quality Management System" certificate, which is a management system model that can be applied nationally and internationally in 2006, and started to provide a customer focused service by improving its continuous development philosophy and quality understanding. Ugur Motor Vehicles was moved to existing production facilities in 2007 and it meets almost all needs of motorcycle industrys spare part as a growing company with its factory installed on a 44.500 m² area and after-sales spare parts store installed on a 15.000 m² since the year it was founded. In 2010, it began to produce its own motorcycle chassis and it improves its models by adding ATV models to its product portfolio in the same year.

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Kuteks Medikal

We Produce Health From 1984 To Today.

Established in 1984 to engage in activities in medical consumables production, Kuteks A.Ş. was integrated into Uğur Group of Companies in 2002 and became a successful representative of the company in the medical field. Kuteks who has adopted the principle of reaching the European standards began its product diversification in early 1986; today the Company has reached its goal and identified new objectives. Ever since the Companys introduction to the medical field, Kuteks has been serving and become one of the biggest manufacturers in the sector with its quality production of medical textile products such as gauze, sterilized hydrophilic gauze, sterilized gas compress, all types of flexible bandages, corsets and breeches.

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Uğur Entegre Gıda

Ufresh, Natural Flavor For Your Health.

Ugur Entegre Gida Co. Ltd. was established in 2011 in Dallıca, Nazilli to produce and process dried foods on a total of 18.000 m2 area, 5.000 m2 of which are indoors. The Company made a swift and powerful introduction to the sector with its constantly renewed technology and optimal production facilities for Turkeys capacity increase. The company has evaluated the customer demands and decided to go for a strategic change in their product groups in early 2013 and began to process naturally dried fig and chestnut.

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