Motovento Accessories

Motovento Accessories
Established within the scope of Uğur Motorlu Araçlar INC., Motovento has collected the motorcycle accessories and spare part products of globally recognized quality brands under a single roof. Motovento offers a wide range of products including helmets, outerwear, underclothing, accessories and many other quality products. Motovento also offers these products through their web site for online sales.

The products of Europe’s leading brands such as Alpinestars, Airoh,  Origine, Shiro, Shad, Rizoma, Puig Six S, Regin, HJC, Ipone, Brembo and Akrapoviç are available within the product scope of Motovento. These brands give particular significance to riders’ safety and comfort while also delivering style.

Considering the motorcycle riders’ safety and comfort of use as well as all their needs, Motovento continues to put in efforts on concept and corner shop works and concluding distributorship – dealership agreements with the world’s leading brands in order to grow more powerful.

Motovento which is motorcycle drivers driving safety, convenience, considering all your needs regarding the expectations of drivers and motorcycle, continues to work distributorship agreements with global brands to add to the strength of the concept with franchise agreements and corner stores.


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