Ugur Cooling

Ugur Cooling
Having produced the first deep freezer unit out of Turkey, with more than 420 types of commercial and household refrigerators and a daily production capacity of 4800 units, Ugur Sogutma with a wide range of products such as water dispensers, air conditioners, bottle coolers, ice cream machines and store fridges, the Company continues to show efforts with
  • The emphasis it places on innovation and R&D, 
  • Modern, technological and environment friendly production facilities, 
  • Human Resources policies to include in-house training, respect to personal rights, “right person for the right job” and social responsibility approach, 
  • Sense of quality that is open to improvement and constant enhancement, 
  • Environment friendly products, 
  • Customer satisfaction mentality adopted with unconditional customer support service and authorized services. 

Ugur Sogutma which was declared as a “Well-Known Brand” by the Turkish Patents Institute, whose quality and service approach was certified once again, continues to be the assurance of freshness and takes rightful pride in being one of the most significant companies in the world ever since it was established.


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